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Snake Eyes by on Flickr.
I was walking through the woods when I spotted this Garter Snake hiding in the grass. I had my camera and thought I would try to get close thinking he would take off at any time. I got down on my hands and knees and got to within four feet of him face to face and started clicking away. He just looked at me, and I kept clicking. To say the least this was an awesome thrill to get that close to this amazing snake. Who would have ever thought a snake could be so cute?!
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Leptophis ahaetulla, Guyane by MP7Aquit on Flickr.
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Noot noot!


Couple more of Venus

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Paradox snow KSB
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Made a friend. #gartersnake #snake #cute #bc #camping


G.E.T.H. - Wild Type



Feeder Announcement Freezer Magnets. So you don’t freak out your guests with rats, mice, or whatever else in your freezer. :) These are customizable! You pick your font, color and what animal you want on it, as long as it’s an existing design we can put it on there! :)


caught Mars shedding :) she looks so friggin gorgeous right after a shed

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Agh she’s so cute. I love how grey she looks.
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Albion on Flickr.
come back Betsy


kind of bad news…. My 9.5 foot Burmese python named Betsy escaped last night…. because I am still recovering from neck surgery I cant really look for her, shit if i found her I def wouldn’t even be able to pick her up. Until she shows up I have to put my 3 cats and raccoon in cages, my injured squirrel in a cage (which he hates), and I am making my dog stay in bed with me, just in case Betsy is really hungry and decides that she wants a big meal….. ughhh, pythons make terrible pets. 

"pythons make terrible pets" I beg to differ.

Though, Im sorry you have an injury and can’t look for her yourself.

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'Snake Eye' by Carmon Williams | Facebook
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