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Lyly Matrix Blood Python - Matt Turner
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You’re even pretty when you’re in shed you hissy pants face
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Red-Tailed Green Ratsnake 03 (by cypher40k)
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I need this so badly! I wish I was in the position to get a royal now rather than having to wait until February
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Speckled Kingsnake
The Speckled Kingsnake, Lampropeltis getula holbrooki (Colubridae), is subspecies endemic to the United States. This one was found under two thin sheets of plywood near coastal scrub land and pastures. 
Supposedly kingsnakes in this location have a moderately orange belly as adults, but it is not uncommon for young snakes in certain areas of the gulf coasts to have a bright orange belly like this one.
Photo credit: ©Kyle L.E. | Locality: Texas Gulf Coast, US (2013)
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Handful of sand… boas! 

Featuring: Tony - male snow paradox albino, Natasha - female “Tanzanian flame”, & Pepper - female anery.
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Redbelly Snake by Tristan Schramer on Flickr.


I have found the secret to making Rosy not be a bitey, clingy brat is to supply her with a towel to snuggle in.

What a weirdo.

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Pretty little Python slithered into my yard, managed to get some good pics!

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Found this little babe scooting across the porch; took a few quick photos and then released them into the grass. A garter snake of some sort, I think?

(Source: brightmoontrigon)

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